Challenge Coin-Stronger Together

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***Stronger Together Challenge Coins***


Encompassing everyone's favorite ONE Maryland shirt design with our ONE Team, ONE Fight and Team Effort series to create the long awaited Stronger Together Challenge Coin! Our 2023 coins are 2" round and have a nice heavy weight with incredible detail.

Side 1 showcases a raised detailed 3D helicopter image with impeccable detail and embedded with our MD flag TROOPER banner. It is surrounded by our ONE and Effort themes as a border.

Side 2 features all details raised and creates the visual inclusive representation of our Stronger Together theme. The American flag is subdued in our Star of Life, Trooper's Badge, and Maltese Cross with corresponding thin white, blue, and red lines over them. They are connected by our thin gold line representing our 911 Specialists, the golden glue that holds it together! The font on the coin is OD green for our Military. The design features gold aviation wings to represent the Flight Paramedics, Pilots, and Mechanics that keep aviation flying strong! The coin is topped with a single gold star to pay tribute to all of our fallen heroes... Never Forgotten.