Membership Information

Want to become a membership of the Maryland Flight Paramedic Association?


Section 1 – Membership Qualifications

            Any individual engaged in the business of providing air medical transport for ill and/or injured patients and/or providing medical, paramedical, or rescue services to persons from aviation based facilities and equipment. Membership will be state-wide in scope and may include out of state membership at the discretion of the Executive Board. Membership in the International Association of Flight & Critical Care Paramedics is recommended but not required.

Section 2 – Membership Classifications

            There are three (3) classifications of memberships. An application and association credentials are required for verification purposes.    

        • Active Member (Voting):
          1. An active member is a credentialed physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedic, EMT-I, EMT-B, hospital technician, military medic, medevac pilot, or medevac aviation mechanic engaged in the business transporting ill or injured patients by air, land, or sea and/or providing critical services to facilitate the transport of ill or injured patients. Persons accepted as active members are eligible to hold any office provided for in these by-laws, may apply for State Medevac Team License Plates (Maryland Residents Only) after one year of membership and completion of an  MD VR-124, and have voting privileges. Active members are eligible for additional retail discounts, special offers and events, and early access to prizes and contests.
          2. Medical Providers – A copy of a valid military, federal, state or local certification card (FP-C, CC-P, Paramedic, EMT-I, CRT, EMT-B only) Hospital employees may submit valid hospital ID or current current pay stub with sensitive information removed (Social Security number, salary, etc)
          3. Medevac Pilots – Employee ID card and/or associated documents (i.e current pay stub with sensitive information removed)
          4. Medevac Aviation Mechanics - Employee ID card and/or associated documents (i.e current pay stub with sensitive information removed)
      (b) Associate Members (Non-Voting):
          1. Any person interested in critical care transport, advanced paramedic transport, the air-medical industry, and/or the promotion and education of flight medicine that does not meet the requirements of Active Membership.  Persons accepted as Associate Members do not have voting rights, cannot hold office, and are unable to apply for State Medevac Team license plates. Associate Members are eligible for additional retail discounts.

      • Honorary Members:
        1. Any person who does not fit the above membership classifications and has been unanimously accepted by the Executive Board as an asset to the association. This membership classification is by invitation only at the discretion of the Executive Board and will have the full rights an abilities as granted by the executive board.

      Section 3 - Termination of Membership and Privileges

          • Resignation -
            • Any member may withdraw from the MFPA after fulfilling all obligations to it, including debt, and giving written notice of such intention to the Secretary. This notice of intent will be presented to the Board of Directors no more than seven (7) days after the receipt of the letter.
          • Suspension and Expulsion
            • Any member may be either suspended or expelled for violation of the by-laws or for conduct unbecoming of the organization. Suspension or expulsion is determined by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board, provided that a statement of charges has been mailed, via registered mail to the member under charge at least fifteen (15) days before the final action is taken. The statement of charges will be accompanied by a hearing notice specifying the date, time, and place where the Executive Board will decide the final appropriate action. The member will be given an opportunity to present his/her defense at this hearing.